Photographs 2022

Nativity of Our Lord 2022

A visit with St. Nicholas and Class

Feast of St. John of Damascus – December 4

Fisher Baptism – November 26

The Entrance of the Theotokos Into The Temple – Nov. 21

Alvarez Pre-Nativity Fast Cookout

October Extravaganza!

Women’s Group at Nativity Monastery

“Comfort Kits” Church School Project

Hayes Wedding – August

Kombos Baptism – Feast of Transfiguration

Feasts of Ascension & Pentecost – Baptisms & Fr. Athanasios First Liturgy

PASCHA & Agape Vespers & Bright Monday

Holy Week

Lazarus Saturday Baptisms & Chrismations

Tea and Recipes at the Bozemans

Catechumens 2022

Forgiveness Vespers

Meatfare Sunday Picnic

Meeting of the Lord in the Temple – February

The Great Blessing of the Water

Theophany 2022